Pegaswap Tokens to everyone | Flash-Sale Detailsw

Pegaswap Token

Main advantages of Pegaswap Token: Distribution 20% fees, which will be colected by swapping on Pegaswap Platform. All stakers in equal proportions of staked Pegaswap Tokens receive a share of the collected fees. Also, unique token burning system, quarterly token buybacks and etc.

During the Genesis Swap-Mining Event, everyone will be able to get additional boosters to the rewards for each swap (20,000 PGS = x1.2; 100,000 PGST = x2 and etc.)

Flash-Sale Details

Token allocation for sale — 2,800,000 PGST (2.8% from total issue of PGST tokens)
Token Price — 0.5 ETH = 100,000 PGST + 40% Bonus.
Total raising amount — 10 ETH
Allocation per address — 0.5 ETH
Without vesting period.

Flash-Sale whitelistins date: 5 January 15:00 GMT (for 24 hrs).

Token distribution

*All of these are inaccurate numbers %. The final decision will be made by the Pegaswap Community within a few weeks after the launch Pegaswap Platform v1.0

Published by Pegaswap Foundation



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