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Pegaswap Protocol
2 min readJan 2, 2021

Liquidity Provieders

Unlike other AMM designs, Pegaswap’s virtual balances allows to blunt the price impact of the short-term trading volume slippage. This allows profits that would otherwise be captured by arbitrageurs to instead be captured by liquidity providers.

Also, to stimulate people to provide liquidity to our protocol, our team is plan to launch Liquidity Mining Program, which will start exactly with the launch of Pegaswap Platform v1.0. For each mined block in Ethereum Network, Liquidity Providers (LP) will be awarded 25 Pegaswap Tokens.

And all of this in addition to the usual commission fees of 0.3% (but 0.06% fees going to award Pegaswap Token holders, so for LP’s 0.24%). Also, by stimulating traders by integrating the SoM mechanism, floating commission rate, trading volumes in all pools will be at high levels.

Simplest Traders

We will encourage all traders who will use our platform by integrating the SoM (Swap-To-Mine) mechanism. For each mined block in Ethereum Network, traders will be awarded 50 Pegaswap Tokens.

Floating commission rate. So, LP can providing best commissions rates for large volume traders, this may encourage traders to choose our platform, unlike other competing AMM’s. These additional fees will be determined primarily by LP and Pegaswap Token stakers.

Published by Pegaswap Foundation