LP Rewards

Anjel Kim

Pegaswap Protocol
1 min readJan 6, 2021


Slippage. Unlike other AMM designs, Pegaswap’s virtual balances allows to blunt the price impact of the short-term trading volume slippage. This allows profits that would otherwise be captured by arbitrageurs to instead be captured by liquidity providers.

LM. Liquidity Mining Program like a Sushiswap, for providing liquidity, you will receive an indefinite number of Pegaswap Tokens (PGST). Each block on Ethereum Network is eligible to be rewarded in n-tokens PGST (will be elected before launching platform by governance voting). A different amount of rewards will be distributed for each liquidity pool.

SoM Stimulates. And all of this in addition to the usual commission fees of 0.3% (but 0.06% fees going to award Pegaswap Token holders, so for LP’s 0.24%). Also, by stimulating traders by integrating the SoM mechanism, floating commission rate, trading volumes in all pools will be at high levels.

Floating commission rate. Platform will set the best commission rate, which will depend on the amount of swap. Traders will save little money, and Pegaswap Platform will receive additional amount of trading volume, so and reward fees to LP.

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